When in Uniseo?
  • Q: When is my domain activated? keyboard_arrow_right
    Your domain will be activated as soon as you finish placing the first backlink on it. When not activated, you can only get backlinks from a few Uniseo's satellite sites and other test user's domains. There is no guarantee for these backlinks. They may disappear and you will not get a refund.
  • Q: When do I have to submit backlink? keyboard_arrow_right
    After your proposal to put backlink is approved, you need to finish writing the content and placing the backlink within 1 week.
  • Q: When can I see the effect of backlinks gained from Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    SEO is a job that requires perseverance. You will not see the effect after at least 3 to 6 months. However, through tools like Ahref, SEMRUSH, Majestic ... you can see growth in links and metrics.
  • Q: When should I use Uniseo for my website? keyboard_arrow_right
    Currently, you can not rank your website on top of S.E.R.P only by backlinks. You need to improve on-page well and then start searching for links on Uniseo. You can refer to the steps of building and optimizing on-page methodically via the links below:
  • Q: When should I upgrade my account? keyboard_arrow_right
    When you want to add a new domain while your account has reached the limit, you can upgrade your account at any time without any financial loss. Uniseo will calculate the value based on the number of days remaining and deduct the amount when you upgrade your account.
What in Uniseo?
  • Q: What is requester/promoter in Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    When you join Uniseo, when you ask for backlink, you are a requester. When you propose to put backlinks on your site to earn score, you are a promoter.
  • Q: What happens if I remove an Uniseo backlink? keyboard_arrow_right
    For some reason when you delete a link you've earned points on Uniseo, the score you get will be lost. If you delete all Uniseo links, Uniseo will also ask other users to delete your links.
  • Q: What happens to my backlinks when I do not extend Uniseo account? keyboard_arrow_right
    The links you have received are still safe as long as you do not remove the links from Uniseo on your web pages. Even if your account expires, you can still use your remaining score to receive links.
  • Q: What kind of domains do Uniseo supported? keyboard_arrow_right
    Your own-domain, sub-domain, blogs and social network.
  • Q: What is IFTTT? keyboard_arrow_right
    IFTTT - IF THIS THEN THAT is a tool to help you automate the placement of links on official satellite websites. When you publish an article, via the rss feed, IFTTT will automatically push this link to the social networking accounts or blogs you have declared to IFTTT.
  • Q: What does an inactive domain status mean? keyboard_arrow_right
    If your domain does not violate Uniseo's policy, the domain declaration with Uniseo will be approved and inactive. In this state, you can only earn a few backlinks from a few Uniseo's satellite sites and from other test users. You need to activate the domain on Uniseo by placing a backlink on your website.
  • Q: What does temporary domain status mean? keyboard_arrow_right
    After you declare a domain with Uniseo, the status of the domain is temporary. Uniseo will consider whether this domain violates Uniseo's policy or not. If approved, the domain will be inactive.
Why in Uniseo?
  • Q: Why uniseo does not support facebook and some other social networks? keyboard_arrow_right
    Some social networks, including facebook, do not allow data crawling. Also, are you willing to share the link on your personal facebook page?
  • Q: Why can't I buy backlink from Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    Uniseo aims to build quality and safe backlinks for each user. Buying and selling links will not ensure fairness for users joining Uniseo.
  • Q: Why am I sometimes deducted or given extra score? keyboard_arrow_right
    Score you get or lose updated monthly. The more quality backlink, the more score you get or lose.
Who in Uniseo?
  • Q: Who can join Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    Anyone who has a website and wants to rank for keyword searches on S.E.R.P. Of course, these websites must comply with Uniseo's terms and conditions.
  • Q: Who should use Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    Anyone with a basic knowledge of website administration can use Uniseo. You do not need to be a Web developer to use Uniseo. In fact, many SEOs are also unable to write any single line code.
How in Uniseo?
  • Q: How can I change (delete) from a domain to another domain in Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    You only change or delete your domain from Uniseo when the domain is in temporary or inactive status. After activating the domain by putting backlink on it, its status change to "active" and you can not change or delete the domain.
  • Q: How does Uniseo calculate score for each backlink? keyboard_arrow_right
    The score of each backlink is assessed according to the value or quality of that backlink. Factors affecting the score include: Domain Rating, URL Rating, Referring Domains Organic Traffic, Organic Keyword, dofollow|nofollow
  • Q: How blogs and social network help your website in SEO? keyboard_arrow_right
    Blogs and social networks are a reliable source of traffic for Search Engine to evaluate the quality of your website. When there is traffic, Search Engine can evaluate the website through on-page indicators such as Bounce Rate, Session Duration ... This is also an official and valid backlink sources for your website. You need to declare these channels on your website via structured data. Remember to use it in conjunction with IFTTT to automatically place a backlink whenever a new article is published on the website.
  • Q: How do I activate my trial account? keyboard_arrow_right
    After registering an account successfully on Uniseo, you can declare your domain on the system and start looking for the first backlink. These backlinks come from Uniseo's satellite sites and other trial accounts. You need to activate the domain by placing a backlink as requested from another domain on Uniseo. When the status of the domain is active, you have successfully activated your trial account.
  • Q: How can I get more score? keyboard_arrow_right
    You can earn points by placing backlinks on the main domain and satellite blogs, satellite social networks. With the backlinks received, evaluating backlink quality will help you get additional bonus points. In addition, your backlink when scored high also helps you get the maximum score. Your rating also makes it easier for your offers to be accepted than others.
Yes or No in Uniseo?
  • Q: Can I buy backlink from Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    Buying backlinks or scores on Uniseo is not allowed.
  • Q: Shoud I buy backlinks from SEO Agencies? keyboard_arrow_right
    You can find your answer here:
  • Q: Are backlinks from Social Network valuable? keyboard_arrow_right
    Some social networks and blogs are indexed by Search Engines and rank highly on search results pages (quora.com, medium.com). Links placed there if really useful to the user are shown by whether or not the user clicks on the links on them. If those links are the user's last stop when searching for information, the search engine understands that the link is valuable. In addition, you also need to maintain a reasonable rate between backlinks (profiles, social, blogs, domain) to ensure the natural in the eyes of Search Engines.
  • Q: Can I change from a domain to another in Uniseo? keyboard_arrow_right
    Yes. You can. However, you can only change or delete domain(s) on Uniseo when they are not active (temporary or inactive status). Once your domain is active (you successfully put backlink from Uniseo on it.), you cannot change or delete the domain to add another domain. If you want to add a new domain, you need to upgrade your account or create a new Uniseo account.
  • Q: Is backlink from owned domains more valuable than those from blogs or social networks? keyboard_arrow_right
    Uniseo rates backlinks from private domains (domains that you own) much higher than backlinks from blogs or social networks. The score you get or lose shows that.
  • Q: Is the backlink from authority site better than lower one? keyboard_arrow_right
    In fact, there are websites with very high DR but still rank below websites that are around 1 year old. The actual content on each specific url is the key.