Register and Login

- Firstly, you must register for an Uniseoer account.

- Enter your username, email and password

- Click the activation link sent via email, you will be redirect to login page

Congratulations! Uniseo will give you 80 point as an initial score.

Pricing plans

You will have to pay membership fee to maintain your account. Uniseo has a flexible pricing mechanism according to your needs. With the daily price calculation, you will easily upgrade your account whenever you want without losing anything.
For some reason you do not renew your account, the amount of backlinks you earn will not be lost as long as you maintain the backlinks on your site.
If you remove some of the backlinks set for other members, Uniseo will also ask other members to remove your backlinks and refund scores to these members.
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How to get scores?

1. You will get a score based on the quality of the backlink on your site

2. Review by rating every backlink you get will give you some additional score.

3. Improving the rankings of urls (UR, Organic Traffic, Reffering Domains) containing backlink on your site will bring you much more scores.

Uniseo highly appriciate the value of each backlink. So take care of it especially for organic traffic.
Do not think you do this because of the backlink quality of other members. When you do this, you both have traffic, and earn points to increase your backlink profile or backlink quality.